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Foodie Friday: Snap, Crackle, and pop deserve a beat down

30 Oct

[read time: 4 minutes]immunity-haha-are you friggin' kidding me? photo credit: empress tazima.

and Rakim (of Eric B and Rakim) says “you could get a smack for this”

my friends and colleagues have heard me use the phrase “it’s like putting frosting on a dog poop cupcake” to refer to positive thinking without doing the underlying work.  another is to masquerade one’s hot garbage as something beneficial.

the picture to the right, my friends, is a proverbial chocolate frosted dog poop cupcake!

walk with me…
a couple weeks ago,  i subjected myself to the rare and exquisite self-torture of a stroll through the cereal aisle at my local conventional grocery store.

self-torture? absolutely: having worked for these fools, i know far too much about food companies, the source of the boxes that line these aisles, as well the implications of non-wholesome products housed therein.  exquisite? yes, i kind of love working myself up around food issues and then ranting about it; hence this blog post… god bless the internet.  please read on…

during said stroll, i encountered the perplexing [i may as well say, vexing] display evidenced at right and captured it on my phone’s camera with reasonable fidelity.  the confident and almost authoritative bold “true-blue” text on these labels reaffirmed that, not only have nutritionists and food scientists lost their “natural born minds”…  Continue reading

know the difference between flourless cake and dog poop

27 Oct
choc+marshmallow.cupcake photo credit:clevercupcakes

yes, this is an actual cupcake

[read time: 4 minutes]

my friends and colleagues have heard me use the phrase, “it’s like putting frosting on a dog poop cupcake”

over the years i have met a lot of people in my work… clients, colleagues, friends, and associates who have a problem,  a big problem.   perhaps the following will sound familiar to you.  full disclosure: know that i draw this amalgamation from personal and vicarious experience.

here we go
the heart offers an inspiration in alignment with the highest self. the third eye projects a beautiful sparkling vision in the minds eye: something really amazing you can really sink your teeth into… kinda like when the server at a fancy-pants, “high-dollah”** restaurant produces a dainty round of flourless chocolate cake artfully plated against a dusting of powdered sugar… perhaps a stunning raspberry or mango syrup swirl. *yay! cake!* and yeah, “yay! cake!” IS the exuberance of moments when you envision your life through inspiration.

out of nowhere, Mr. Doubt, that sneaky rat bastard, does some wack alchemy
and turns that lovely dessert into a turd.  it is still smooth, dense, dark, heavy… and it stinks to high heaven, but guess who can’t distinguish the damn difference? what’s worse is that Continue reading

Foodie Friday: What to do when food isn’t food

23 Oct

[read time: 5 minutes]fridge-raid. photo credit: johnandketurah

*breathe* so yeah… food industry sucks. and so does the food policy / food guidance camp… you know, the people from the government, or whoever, that tell you what you’re supposed to or not supposed to eat.  let’s get into it… shall we?

the (potato or chocolate) chips are stacked against you
the food industry wants you to stay hungry… very hungry.   Continue reading

4 things you should know about fulfillment and your cosmic contract

20 Oct

stars - photo credit: cpt.spock

[read time: 4 minutes]

get ready…

i am about to wag my finger about your cosmic contract.

what’s a cosmic contract?
your cosmic contract is the mission your soul (the unchanging, timeless true self) signed up to do this lifetime. also known as your life purpose.  every soul has one.  if you look back at your life, there have been particular situations and conditions put in place for you, from Continue reading

secrets to overcoming a mortal fear of living

13 Oct

a precious moment of living i captured while camping at the beach

[read time: 2 minutes]

i don’t think that people are actually afraid of dying. instead, i believe that people are most afraid of dying without having lived. worse yet, this fear is compounded by having a mortal fear of living. whew!!! quite a conundrum.

what i know for sure is that each and every person who comes into this life is born has a something unique to share. the innate gift we have grows inside and begins to show itself as a person develops particular interests. if given time and space to develop, it may appear as a life’s passion, especially when they become experts at whatever it is. in the event that the passion / interest / gift is a bit too risky, some choose instead to eke out what society would consider a successful existence with gainful employment and a steady paycheck.

unless you have incorporated your interests (your passion, that special gift you’re here to deliver) into your life, you’ll likely feel unfulfilled. look at your life with fresh eyes: if you were to take your planner for the past month and tally the number of hours you spent doing various things in your life… Continue reading

how to set and get the most out of bold goals

6 Oct

skyward - photo credit: empress tazima[read time: 2 minutes]

“expand your perception of what’s possible. take inspired action. the universe is listening”
–empress tazima

reminder: you are grown.
and as a grown person (also referred to as a “grown-ass woman” or a “grown-ass man”), you are the only one responsible for the quality of your life.  you can take grow-folks action.

those who achieve great things don’t ask for permission to succeed.  nor do they rely on the approval of others to pursue their passions.  and you can be certain the great ones are  Continue reading