secrets to overcoming a mortal fear of living

13 Oct

a precious moment of living i captured while camping at the beach

[read time: 2 minutes]

i don’t think that people are actually afraid of dying. instead, i believe that people are most afraid of dying without having lived. worse yet, this fear is compounded by having a mortal fear of living. whew!!! quite a conundrum.

what i know for sure is that each and every person who comes into this life is born has a something unique to share. the innate gift we have grows inside and begins to show itself as a person develops particular interests. if given time and space to develop, it may appear as a life’s passion, especially when they become experts at whatever it is. in the event that the passion / interest / gift is a bit too risky, some choose instead to eke out what society would consider a successful existence with gainful employment and a steady paycheck.

unless you have incorporated your interests (your passion, that special gift you’re here to deliver) into your life, you’ll likely feel unfulfilled. look at your life with fresh eyes: if you were to take your planner for the past month and tally the number of hours you spent doing various things in your life… what would your schedule say about your priorities? and does what you spend the most time doing help you to feel inspired and alive? is there something that does make you feel alive but gets little or no time? how many times during that period did you feel really vibrant and fulfilled?

checking in with your true self and your actual feelings can give you insight on what fulfills you… and if you trust your true self, you will realize you actually do know exactly how to go about it: take care of business, experience satisfaction, and truly enjoy more of your life.

live like a Compassionate Renegade

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