know the difference between flourless cake and dog poop

27 Oct
choc+marshmallow.cupcake photo credit:clevercupcakes

yes, this is an actual cupcake

[read time: 4 minutes]

my friends and colleagues have heard me use the phrase, “it’s like putting frosting on a dog poop cupcake”

over the years i have met a lot of people in my work… clients, colleagues, friends, and associates who have a problem,  a big problem.   perhaps the following will sound familiar to you.  full disclosure: know that i draw this amalgamation from personal and vicarious experience.

here we go
the heart offers an inspiration in alignment with the highest self. the third eye projects a beautiful sparkling vision in the minds eye: something really amazing you can really sink your teeth into… kinda like when the server at a fancy-pants, “high-dollah”** restaurant produces a dainty round of flourless chocolate cake artfully plated against a dusting of powdered sugar… perhaps a stunning raspberry or mango syrup swirl. *yay! cake!* and yeah, “yay! cake!” IS the exuberance of moments when you envision your life through inspiration.

out of nowhere, Mr. Doubt, that sneaky rat bastard, does some wack alchemy
and turns that lovely dessert into a turd.  it is still smooth, dense, dark, heavy… and it stinks to high heaven, but guess who can’t distinguish the damn difference? what’s worse is that our observer starts gurgling on about the elegantly presented turd in a real irksome kinda way.
“i’ve got a great plan. but… well, you know, i’m doing my best”
“i have clients. i’m bartering and offering discounts.  i have a sliding scale”
“things are hard, but i’m trying to keep it positive”
“i hope things work out, because i’ve gotta pay rent/the mortgage this month”

and even worse…
when asked about action to deliver the dream, nothing but wacktivity.  also known as procrastination, or in shit cupcake terms oh my… excuse me …dog poop cupcake terms it sounds something like:
“i’ve been working on plans for how i’m going to do my vision… oh yeah.  i’ve got crazy mind maps.  i redid my vision board.  and look at this awesome and most fabulous product i’m thinking about possibly getting to help me do what i’m going to do once i get started.  i wish i could get it now but i’m broke.”

what the hell?  ok… ok… i will lay off. for a bit anyway.

frosting on the dog poop cupcake refers to positive thinking without doing the underlying or supportive work. you must work.  just like muscles that don’t get worked get flabby,  plans that don’t get worked fade into shoulda/coulda/woulda–and those three don’t look good on anyone.  when i’d get into a funk, a girlfriend of mine would remind me: “don’t should on your self!”

you must also believe deeply and act in alignment with your goals to develop confidence. hmmm… seem backwards?  yes, it is counter-intuitive.  don’t take my blog for it.  experiment with it on your own.

steps to flourless cake vs. dog poop distinction

  1. breathe deeply: conscious breath control will bring you into the present moment
  2. clearly describe your vision in terms of what you want (turn around “don’t wants”)
  3. focus on taking action and speak in terms of what you are actually doing
  4. take imperfect action*** (also known as “do something” so that #3 isn’t a frosted dog poop cupcake. thanks!)
  5. adjust and take more imperfect action (persistence counts)
  6. feel more confidence
  7. expand your vision
  8. repeat as needed

follow my simple instructions and you’ll find things turning around.  and you’ll finally have something to believe in: yourself …you Compassionate Renegade, you.

…if support is something you think would be helpful during this process, check out the upcoming events.

© Copyright 2009

** –  a special thanks goes out to @ Meechie & her daddy for sharing their ever-entertaining carolina colloquial flair
*** – a special thanks to Kevin Nations for that phrase.  it has really helped me change what’s on my plate.

One Response to “know the difference between flourless cake and dog poop”

  1. Tanya October 30, 2009 at 1:16 am #

    …quite interesting Lady! I absolutely love it!!!! I’ve bookmarked your blog and forwarded it on to family/friends!

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