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the wisdom in frustration & the gift of anger

2 Mar

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if you find that a crappy mood sets in for more than a 24 hours please don’t  blame your boss, your significant other, or your period.  and certainly don’t let these pharma-pimps convince that you are suffering from a deficiency of the latest psychotropic drug. though a cleanse might be in order, if that less-than rosy disposition returns after the empty colon euphoria wears off, it could be a clue to something much more important.

many folks attempt to evade negative feelings and emotions ignoring or dressing them in always ill-fitting apathy or cynicism. others might try drowning them in swill.  still others numb them with over-the-counter or under-the-table tabs.  tragically, when we Continue reading

i love february

2 Feb

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“issues of the heart cannot be healed by food of any sort; however, hugs & kisses reconcile them with the greatest of ease.”
~EmpressTazima on Twitter 8:02 PM Jan 26th

february brings more excuses to each chocolate and think of lovey things to say and do… especially things like sharing out hugs and kisses.

speaking of kisses…
one of the best things you can do for yourself and your purpose is to do things that make you feel good.  fortunately, the universe wants to assist people who are feeling good.  kissing can definitely make you feel good.  here are a few benefits of kissing that go beyond anecdotal experience. Continue reading

got challenges? you need to kick it!

17 Nov

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enjoyment is a necessary part of life, NOT a guilty pleasure. the puritanical roots of our society have duped us into believing that it is only through hard work and struggle that anything worthwhile can be accomplished.   i would say “hogwash”, but there is a time when you will have some necessary effort.

please note: enjoyment is what gives you the oomph to carry on… to persist through challenges… trials and tribulations… amen.  life would be pretty wack if Continue reading

unlike orgasm, joy cannot be faked

10 Nov credit-bbaunach

orgasmatron settings - detail from the orgasmatron 3000

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the original title to this post was “like orgasm, joy cannot be faked”. tragic that so many do fake orgasm.  how can you truly get your groove on if you’re fakin’ the funk?  and no, the fake-it-til-you-make-it abso-friggin-lutely ain’t gonna cut it here.  it just doesn’t serve anyone involved.

so i edited.

true joy is…
being who you truly are, doing what you truly love, and not giving a damn about what anyone else has to say about it.

success with out joy is like sex…
without enjoyment.

material success, sought by so many, achieved by some, is a joke with a harsh punchline.  you might acquire a home full of trappings, but still never feel really satisfied or full of joy… kinda like Continue reading