how to set and get the most out of bold goals

6 Oct

skyward - photo credit: empress tazima[read time: 2 minutes]

“expand your perception of what’s possible. take inspired action. the universe is listening”
–empress tazima

reminder: you are grown.
and as a grown person (also referred to as a “grown-ass woman” or a “grown-ass man”), you are the only one responsible for the quality of your life.  you can take grow-folks action.

those who achieve great things don’t ask for permission to succeed.  nor do they rely on the approval of others to pursue their passions.  and you can be certain the great ones are not still planning the first step of their “fail-proof / fool-proof master plan”.

the good news: you are great.
your greatness lies your innate gifts and sharing them with the world THIS lifetime.  when you use your talents to serve from the heart, you feel joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction. when your work (or daily activity) is not aligned with your gifts and talents, life is more difficult, unrewarding, and draining.  what are you choosing today?

the boldest goal: to be true to self.
your greatest opportunity is here right now.  will you chose to keep going the way you have been?  or will you choose this moment to take a step into your greatness?

if you want to experience joy and satisfaction…
set a goal–a bold goal– establish a deep commitment to be true to self.
take inspired action aligned with your innate gifts.
build your life around what you love.
be a Compassionate Renegade.

© Copyright 2009


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