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build your home yoga practice

11 Apr

visit the archives of my internet radio show!

it’s called the Vibrant Health Revolution show.

body-by-yoga5one of my favorite shows is Build Your Home Yoga Practice

This show is especially for those interested in cultivating a more consistent mindfulness practice. Although I’ll be focusing on yoga, the content and principles can be applied to other fitness or meditation activities.  I’ll discuss:

  • the benefits of a consistent yoga practice (deepen your practice while saving money!)
  • simple strategies for making it doable and FUN!
  • basic yoga practice sequencing and safety
  • and my favorite yoga posture resources

see you on air!   😉

how to… chaturanga dandasana (four-limbed staff pose)

17 Mar

chaturanga dandasana – four-limbed staff pose

lincoln park, capital hill, washington, dc

things to remember:

  • fire up the core (pull the bellybutton up and in toward the spine) to keep the center of the body lifted, even if the knees are down in the modified version
  • activate the legs (engage the quads, lifting the knee caps) to keep the lower body lifted
  • activating the the core and legs is especially important for the ladies with our lower center of gravity
  • send the gaze and heart forward- this will prevent the head from dipping down and weakening the posture
  • squeeze the elbows into the body as you exhale the body down from plank position (top of a push-up) into chaturanga
  • keep the shoulders back and no lower than the elbows (dipping the shoulders forward can cause injury, especially with multiple chaturangas throughout practice)

the MOST important things to remember:

  • do NOT do chaturanga dandasana if you have shoulder injuries. instead, modify or completely abstain from chaturanga so you can take care of your self and heal up.
  • cultivating the best form possible for your body is essential in keeping your shoulders safe.

more about chaturanga dandasana

of commitment and breath…

11 Jan

[read time: 2 minutes]

today is the first day of the 108 Days of Compassionate Commitment program and i am SO proud of everyone who has joined me for this journey.

together, we are creating the possibility of being both compassionate with ourselves and fiercely committed to acting in alignment with our intentions.

it is not enough to intend. we must take advantage of opportunities to do what is harmonious with true self expression.

we cannot stop at writing out what we want. desire is a powerful tool for manifestation when Continue reading

it starts tomorrow 1/11/11…

10 Jan

108 Days of Compassionate Commitment

let's do this. YAY!  :)

…is a program designed especially for yogis
who want to get 2011 off to a fantastic start.

it starts tomorrow and even though it’s a lot
of work for me and super scary i’ve gotta do it

…because i want you to have an extraordinary
2011 that includes the lifestyle YOU want

…because i know how hard it is to be a yogi
while having modern urban lifestyle

…because i know how hypocritical it feels to
be a yoga teacher with a wack personal practice

…because i know how great it feels to live
with full self-expression

…because i know how much yoga has helped me
to shift my reality from “yuck!” to “YAY!”

…and because of how much i want for you to
join me in the “YAY!” everyday place.

Here’s what’s up with the Program:

Interactive Features:
1 Orientation Call (open to all 108 Day participants)
3 Monthly Support Calls (Deluxe, Gold, & Platinum participants)
Platinum Mastermind Webinar Series begins (Platinum or Gold Participants with Upgrade)
Access to Private 108 Day Community (Password Protected, open to all 108 Day Participants)

Email Support:
108 Daily Inspiration Emails (Deluxe, Gold, & Platinum participants)
16 Weekly Support Emails (All 108 Day participants)

One-on-One Support:
1  60-min goals assessment call (Platinum & Gold participants)
9  60-min coaching calls (Platinum participants)
6  20-min  check-in calls (Gold Participants)
1  20-min goals assessment call (Deluxe Participants)

Program Schedule:

Tuesday 1/11/11:
Orientation Call – @ 8:30 pm EST, 5:30 pm PST (open to all 108 day participants)
Begin Daily Email Support (Deluxe, Gold, & Platinum participants)

Wednesdays beginning 1/12/11:
Weekly Email Support begins (Basic, Deluxe, Gold, & Platinum participants)

Thursday 1/13/11:
Platinum Mastermind Webinar Series begins (Platinum & Gold Upgrade participants)

Tuesday 1/25/11:
Monthly Support Calls begin (Platinum, Gold, & Deluxe Upgrade participants)
Bi-Weekly 60-min coaching calls begin (Platinum participants)
Bi-Weekly 20-min  check-in calls begin (Gold participants)

Are you ready to make 2011 amazing?
Then it’s time to choose your own adventure. Here are the program offerings (click any of the links below to register):

108 Days Platinum Support Option – Consultation Required
please email me to set up your complimentary consultation to apply and to see if this full coaching support program is right for you.
1 60-Min Intake Phone Session (with Focus on Goal-Setting)
9 60-Min Phone Coaching Sessions (Support in Making it Happen!)
Emergency Email Support between Sessions
108 Daily Affirmations  and tips to stay on track via email
Access to Compassionate Renegade’s 108 Days Community
Weekly Email Support with Yoga & Mindfulness Inspiration
Super Extra Bonus #1: Recorded 60-Min Custom Yoga Sequence
Super Extra Bonus #2: Custom Affirmation / Mantra Selection

108 Days Gold Support Option – $497
1 60-Min Intake Phone Session (with Focus on Goal-Setting)
6 20-Min Check-In Phone Sessions (Support in Making it Happen!)
Emergency Email Support between Sessions
108 Daily Affirmations  and tips to stay on track via email
Access to Compassionate Renegade’s 108 Days Community
Weekly Email Support with Yoga & Mindfulness Inspiration
Super Extra Bonus: Recorded 20-Min Custom Yoga Sequence

108 Days Deluxe Support Option – $47
108 Daily Affirmations and tips to stay on track via email
a 20-Minute Private Goals Assessment Consult via phone to help you set, optimize, and achieve your goals
Access to Compassionate Renegade’s 108 Days Community
Weekly Email Support with Yoga & Mindfulness Inspiration

108 Days Basic Support Option – $10.80
Access to Compassionate Renegade’s 108 Days Community
Weekly Email Support with Yoga & Mindfulness Inspiration

Please Note:
Dates for recurring events will be provided when program begins.
Dates & Times for coaching or check-in calls will be scheduled individually according to client schedule.

Questions? Comments?
Use the comment box below to feedback or request more information.

how to… adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog)

28 Dec

[read time: 2 minutes]

in this pic: me giving a juicy and playful assist to my good friend and DC-based acupuncturist extraordinaire Nicole Mires –

even if you can’t get anyone to stand on your back and giggle with you, you can still access the joy and receive the benefits of down dog… once you get through the mental dance you might have to do to consider that it’s actually a rest position.

things to remember:

  1. from plank pose (heels over balls of feet, wrists beneath shoulders), inhale and activate the core lifting the belly button up and toward the spine
  2. exhale push the hips up high and surrender the heart toward the earth
  3. spread fingers wide and root down through Continue reading

music for yoga practice

28 Dec

[read time 1 minute]

got this question in the mail…

Hi! I was wondering if you could possibly recommend music for a practice. I have been using the same music for awhile and would love a change but I don’t have a clue how to go about finding good music!

my response…

first of all… playlist playlist playlist

i have NEVER found a yoga cd that i’d play straight through a class all the way in the same order.

because i teach vinyasa flow classes, i adjust the playlist to complement building of the sequence toward a crescendo and then following it into a cool-down and final meditation.

For meditative centering and savasana:
John Hughes & Anuvida & Nik Tyndall

John Hughes - Kora Sutra Reiki Healing Hands

for the build Continue reading

how to… vrikshasana (tree pose)

22 Dec
the farewell dc tree pose

pic taken on the median at north capital and k streets, washington, dc

[read time: 2 minutes]

back story on this shot: this just so happens to be a very special farewell dc tree pose. after spending 10 years (too long) in the nation’s capital, i decided it was time to go.  doing this posture in (almost) the center of town helped me transmute my less-than-yogic “%#*& you DC!” feelings and express my joy for moving to LA .

although dc isn’t my favorite place in the world, i am thankful that my experience there helped me cultivate the awesome career path and lifestyle i enjoy today.

things to remember (example-right side):

  1. stand in tadasana – mountain pose, set gaze point (dristi) optimistically slightly above horizon line
  2. on exhale shift body weight to and root into left foot, squeeze left buttock, tuck tailbone, lift heart
  3. inhale to Continue reading

save-my-shoulder yoga flow

23 Nov

i woke up with the most beautiful no-chaturanga flow in my head this morning. so flowy. so juicy. so good.

my shoulder plus ouch

last night, i went to sleep with a very hurty shoulder.  when i woke up, it was even more hurty, even though i had tried to sleep carefully.

it’s been going on for about 3 weeks; i jammed it while lifting my heavy steel bike up some stairs. blegh!

until today, i had been doing ardha chaturangas and down dogs, but when i woke up, my shoulder was like, hells-to-the-no!

so i listened to my body… and to this flow that woke me up. and went outside on the front lawn to practice next to the water, under a blue sky with seagulls coasting in the breeze.

and here, i’ll share it with you Continue reading

the more water i drink…

12 Nov

the less nonsense i eat.

the more deeply i breathe, the less nonsense i think.

the more i actually DO my yoga practice, the more i want to guard my yoga time.