4 things you should know about fulfillment and your cosmic contract

20 Oct

stars - photo credit: cpt.spock

[read time: 4 minutes]

get ready…

i am about to wag my finger about your cosmic contract.

what’s a cosmic contract?
your cosmic contract is the mission your soul (the unchanging, timeless true self) signed up to do this lifetime. also known as your life purpose.  every soul has one.  if you look back at your life, there have been particular situations and conditions put in place for you, from the time you were born to this very moment (even you reading these words), that were designed for supreme and complete success in fulfilling your cosmic contract.  it is true.

1.   your life is perfect just the way it is
sum total of your experiences have given you tools and placed you in the perfect position to succeed… if only you choose to accept your mission.  fortunately, for you it is mission POSSIBLE.  your soul wouldn’t have signed the cosmic contract had it not been something you were prepared to achieve.

2.  you are perfect just the way you are
the interests, natural talents, and special peculiar idiosyncrasies make you the only person who can fulfill your divine purpose, your particular cosmic contract.  without the things that innately make you who you are, there would be no way for you to complete the mission.

3.  inaction is selfish
there is no better word than selfishness (except perhaps self-absorbed) that can describe a conscious choice of inaction around the soul’s purpose …regardless of reason.  and yes, i mean that in the worst possible way.

“why are you being so mean?” you might ask. let’s take a the interrogation light off of you for a moment…  shall we?

what if your favorite author or musician decided that writing or performing their work might be too risky? what if they had been so concerned about how it would be received that they chose instead to bury their inspired ideas back inside.  what if they gave little priority to their work and just did a little bit here and there… eventually abandoning efforts due to lack of resources or information.  what would be missing in the world had they let something, anything, get in the way of their work?

….and back to you…
guess what happens when you live out of alignment and prioritize everything else, or let your feelings or fears get in the way.  yep, that’s right…  the world misses out.  worse yet, you miss out on that incredible satisfaction and deep fulfillment that is waiting for you when you step into your purpose.

4.  fulfillment is a matter of choice
the quality of your life is all about your choices and how you perceive circumstances.
your level of satisfaction and joy depend on how you choose to use your time.
whether you fulfill your cosmic contract THIS lifetime is up to you.

choose be a Compassionate Renegade

© Copyright 2009

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