108 Days (for Yogis)

how are things going for you? is your life today the
way you thought it would be last year at this time?

is your life more like you want it? …or more of the same?

let’s fast forward a moment. at this time next year,
how would you like to remember 2011?

what if you knew you had what it took to make 2011 an
extraordinary year? i’m here to let you know, you do!

join me as i support yogis for 108 days to achieve more2011.

The Mala: 108 Days of Compassionate Commitment

during a little over 3 months, and with a little help from
friends and achieve more with focus and support .

join us if you want to…

  • get support along your yogic path
  • receive daily inspiration and encouragement
  • succeed in making desired changes
  • connect with a supportive community of yogis
  • recommit to aligning yourself  with joy
  • easily enhance your personal practice
  • make 2011 your most extraordinary year yet

it only takes 21 days to new habit.  imagine what you could
achieve with support for 108 days!

click here for more about the program and to register

click here to get on the mailing list and make sure you get all
the updates and special gifts and stuff!

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