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Foodie Friday: the Power & Benefit of Chocolate

12 Feb

[read time: 4 minutes]

did you know that chocolate has more antioxidants than kale?

*the author briefly imagines and rapidly dismisses the idea of chocolate covered dino kale*

while briefly reviewing my posts, i realized how many of them reference chocolate–a lot!  the pattern of continual cocoa reference indicated that i just need to go on ahead and come out of the closet as a chocoholic.  ok… here it goes.

hello. my name is tazima and i am a chocoholic.
…hmm that wasn’t so bad.  i can live with myself.
and just to be clear, i am a bit of a connoisseur,  i’m rather discriminating with my shit, so please don’t start sending me waxy-ass, un-decadent grocery-store-check-out-aisle chocoCRAP bars.  thanksmuch…mmk!

for my fellow chocoholics out there
below is more than enough justification [and encouragement] to indulge and a bit on how to be smart about it.  Continue reading


foodie friday: how to defeat portion distortion

15 Jan

[read time: 2 minutes]

eating out in modern day america can really screw with your senses… know this: no matter what your mama said, you don’t ever have to [and you probably shouldn’t] clean your damn plate.  that coupled with a tendency to repeat the gargantuan portions can, and will, exponentially increase your waist line.  here are a few things you can do to maintain and improve your physique and beat the perenial american glut. Continue reading