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foodie friday: tea to the rescue

5 Mar

[read time: 2 minutes]

*sings* “last night a teabag saved my life”

no really, i’m serious.  i had a particularly interesting experience last evening.

i decided to prepare a fabulous meal for myself after a long, busy, and taxing day.  by 7 pm, i was chowing down on curried butternut squash soup with copious amounts of garlic, tastefully garnished with fresh green onions.  i served it with a modest crab cake and a warm piece of cornbread.

thinking of my dear friend, Jemitra, i decided to make it really nice and brew myself a nice pot of bengal spice tea.  i used my little china teapot with the little flower cups i love so much.  i left the bag in and covered the pot with my bootleg tea cozy (a kitchen towel with ends folded over: it works great to keep the heat in whilst chowing or chatting).  everything was, indeed very lovely and in a few minutes, i finished and my lovely dinner and dove into my writing.

so, i’m cranking out my work and a couple hours later i get a hankering for something sweet. then i remembered the corner of overbrewed tepid tea left in the pot.  and BAM!  the last little bit had gotten so steeped that it was like having a tiny spiced cookie, but with no crumbs or chewing.  sweet tooth was instantly sated.

though i had overbrewed this tea before, i had never had it during a sugar craving and it was right on time.  and i thought i’d share my entire list of teas to overbrew with similarly delicious effects.

  • celestial seasonings’ bengal spice (of course)
  • yogi tea’s egyptian licorice
  • yogi tea’s mayan cocoa spice (made even more perfect with a dash of french vanilla soy creamer)

i wonder if any of my out folks there have renegade sweet tooth solutions…

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a note to my tea snob colleagues: these spicy herbals are worth the “dive”.   all my greens and whites, however, are whole leaf.  have you had teavana’s white ayurvedic chai or their samurai chai mate?  both very smooth.