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big leap and gratitude

1 Sep

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whew!  i took a bold leap spent two months this summer in LA.  and i’m reflecting on my time now that i’m back in DC.

serendipitously, i was fortunate to stay with a fabulous fellow yoga teacher with a 10-year california-based practice.  she generously showed me the ropes and encouraged me along the way.  thank you so much Kaia!  and thanks to Zanne for the link!

with strong intentions and a lot of pavement pounding, i taught a three-part series of yoga classes at Agape International Spiritual Center and two workshops at Bhakti Yoga Shala.

finally, my heartfelt thanks to all those who…
helped me in large ways and small ways
bought my stuff on craigslist (thank goodness!)
encouraged me when i was worried
told/showed me where to get good eats in LA
listened to my tearful ramblings and laughed with me through the crying
cheered me on when i wanted to give up and celebrated with me when i achieved
responded to my infrequent newsletters and sent love and support across the miles


the problem with “playing a BIG game”

13 Apr

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in the second half of 2009, i was in a really difficult place. it was right after a bumpy journey of a concerted business development effort that got wacktastically flat results.   i reflected on the money spent, *cringe* and despite my best efforts to stay positive, i was angry, frustrated, and exhausted from trying to “play BIG” as i had heard SO many times in the year prior.

these negative feelings, especially anger, are good because they let you know that you have officially co-created some bullshit.  Continue reading