where did you get your training?

30 Dec

[read time: 2 minutes]

…asks a follower from my proyogi tumblr blog...

i get this question all the time. people frequently say they’ve never taken a class quite like mine. i have even had a 18-year yoga practitioner tell me that i was the best teacher she ever had-i was really touched and honored.

i always say i’m a gypsy when it comes to my yoga training because i studied all over. my yoga training journey is a bit unusual and convoluted so bear with me as i relay the story briefly.

i was actually reluctant to start teaching. in june 2003, my first yoga teacher told me to pick a night in the fall. she wouldn’t take no for an answer. so i threw myself headlong into independent study.  i practiced daily and taught 5-8 classes per week. that summer was crazy!

i was always interested in taking formal training, but i couldn’t find the right teacher.  actually taught for 4 years before going to yoga teacher training. when i finally settled down, i decided to take it with Faith Hunter at Shakti Mind Body Studio in DC. (shout to all my adho mahstahs! class of 2007)

i also did the YogaSkills Kemetic Yoga Teacher Training with Yirser Ra Hotep and served as the teaching assistant during that training.

i have done shorter trainings with Beryl Bender Birch, Krishna Kaur, Doug Swenson, Simon Park, and Kathryn Budig.

my best teachers are the awesome people who attend my classes each week and help me be present and live my purpose by bringing the best i can offer to serve them and their needs.

much gratitude to my favorite teachers:

Faith Hunter @ Worldwide & Stroga, Washington, DC

Gail Harris @ Flow Yoga Center, Washington, DC

James Brown @ Yoga Poser, Venice, CA

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