how to… vrikshasana (tree pose)

22 Dec
the farewell dc tree pose

pic taken on the median at north capital and k streets, washington, dc

[read time: 2 minutes]

back story on this shot: this just so happens to be a very special farewell dc tree pose. after spending 10 years (too long) in the nation’s capital, i decided it was time to go.  doing this posture in (almost) the center of town helped me transmute my less-than-yogic “%#*& you DC!” feelings and express my joy for moving to LA .

although dc isn’t my favorite place in the world, i am thankful that my experience there helped me cultivate the awesome career path and lifestyle i enjoy today.

things to remember (example-right side):

  1. stand in tadasana – mountain pose, set gaze point (dristi) optimistically slightly above horizon line
  2. on exhale shift body weight to and root into left foot, squeeze left buttock, tuck tailbone, lift heart
  3. inhale to place right foot (heel up, toes down) anywhere above (inner thigh) or below the knee (calf or ankle)… NEVER on the knee, ever. keep it safe people.
  4. make sure BOTH hip crests face front
  5. use the muscles in the right hip to squeeze the knee to the right and are parallel with the floor  (instead of turning the entire hip carriage to the right or tilting the right hip up)
  6. place hands together in front of the heart, on hips, or reach above heart
  7. roll shoulders down and away from the ears
  8. each exhale, scoop tailbone and root into standing leg, into the earth
  9. each inhale, lift and brighten the heart, aspiring skyward
  10. breathe deeply, then exhale to release and repeat other side

vrikshasana – tree pose helps strengthen the legs and the back. regular practice can help cultivate both physical balance and mental focus.  tree pose can also help alleviate symptoms of sciatica.


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