how to… trikonasana (triangle pose)

15 Dec

[read time: 1 minute]

method & things to remember (example-left side):

  1. set the feet about 2.5-4 feet apart depending on your leg length
  2. turn left toes point straight out to the left; right toes in about 45 degrees
  3. root into the big toes of both feet and pull in the belly button for stability
  4. activate legs making sure to NOT lock the knees – microbend them 🙂
  5. on exhale, slide the left hip toward right heel
  6. reach the left arm long over the left leg and place anywhere below the knee
  7. reach right arm directly up from the shoulder socket
  8. roll both shoulders down toward the tailbone
  9. take the gaze to the right thumbnail and rotate the chest toward the sky
  10. breathe deeply and repeat other side

trikonasana / triangle pose is great for stretching & strengthening the legs. the pose also offers an opportunity to create length in the spine and openness in the heart.

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