dream a healing solution

24 Nov

[read time: 2 minutes]

before i went to sleep last night, i prayed to dream of a healing solution for my shoulder…

i got the inspiration to dream a solution from a discussion i had with my awesome roommate, who mentioned Asclepions, centers dedicated to the god of healing, Asclepius, and designed for dream healing pilgrimages.

interestingly, i woke up with a bunch of business ideas and as i was writing in my journal, i noticed my shoulder felt MUCH better…

which confirms (for me, anyway) that it was metaphysical discomfort.

here’s how it went down:
i did a little pre-sleep reading, as per my routine, and then added a simple request:

oh <insert your own word for Supreme Consciousness>, please send me a dream healing solution for my shoulder… and any suggestions for how i might serve the needs of the world.

i popped out of the bed at 5:55 am, to pee, and then to write down all the ideas that started flowing into my consciousness. oh the gratitude.

just to be clear, my shoulder isn’t perfect: i am still observing my chaturanga moratorium. but it is a huge improvement over yesterday.

and those ideas… oh, big things to support your modern urban yoga lifestyle coming in the new year.  announcements coming in about a week.


“An Abaton was an incubation room where the patient would pray to Asclepius, and then go to sleep to receive a dream…. The patients’ cure would be spontaneous or the answer to their healing would be found within the dream.” source

and more on sleep temples in general

p.s. i would love it if you would share your comments or questions below


share your experience with any dream healing work you’ve done


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