5 steps to get back in the flow

12 May

[read time: 4 minutes]

i recently rounded a HUGE bend in my entrepreneurial career. my business feels right, and i am in the flow.  this is in stark contrast to times when i felt stuck, crazy, and wanted to give up, which was not too long ago.

in the beginning, i was a reluctant yoga teacher and an accidental entrepreneur [term borrowed from one of my favorite coaches].  i hadn’t set out to do either, but the path before me unfolded and these opportunities made the most sense.

for years, i tried to imitate, emulate, and recreate what i thought was “right”. as it turned out, the efforts i made were all wrong… for me, anyway.  this made me feel yucky, angry, and frustrated; especially when people would encourage me saying that i was doing great and i should keep going.  i knew it wasn’t right but i couldn’t explain why; i just knew i wasn’t in the flow.

what helped me most was my process for getting focused and back in the flow.  of course, i have lived through the trial-and-error version of the concise process i outline below.  hopefully, my efforts will save you a few tears, bruises, and stubbed toes:

1. slow down. stop texting while running around doing everything and talking to everybody.   stop checking your email on your smartphone while you are waiting for your food.  stop, just stop it!  sheesh!  find a way to rest, seek quiet, and step away from all the distractions for a bit so you can…

2. get clear on who you are when you are at your best.  then explore ways to do that unapologetically.  this will establish a standard that helps you say “no” when you need to and “yes” when it feels right.  when you focus, get clear, and stay clear, you can cultivate integrity which helps the universe help you.

3. check for resonance. make sure what you’re doing feels right.  you’ll know it when it does feel right.  this is the start of getting back into the flow.  it is the cosmic “yes” in response to your clarity and integrity.  it won’t be long before an opportunity shows up to be checked for resonance.

4. make a commitment. whenever you choose to move forward with with an idea, a project, or a business, make sure that you’re prepared to work your hind parts off for it.  this life purpose stuff ain’t for the faint of heart.  it is definitely fun, but not always easy.  so be ready to get dirty and stick it out; rewards are inevitable.

5. act in alignment with your standards, with what resonates, and with solid commitment.  it is ok if your action isn’t perfect.  what is for certain is that you WILL learn.  with the learning you will adjust.  over time, you’ll cultivate skill and expertise in taking action, especially imperfect action.  it is WAY better to act and make mistakes than to hang out in analysis paralysis.

the more you act in alignment, the more you experience the flow.  when you are acting but things aren’t flowing, it may be a time to check back on number 1 and start the process again.

i would love to hear your experiences with getting un-stuck and finding your flow.  your comments are welcome.

© Copyright 2010

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