the problem with “playing a BIG game”

13 Apr

[read time: 2 minutes]

in the second half of 2009, i was in a really difficult place. it was right after a bumpy journey of a concerted business development effort that got wacktastically flat results.   i reflected on the money spent, *cringe* and despite my best efforts to stay positive, i was angry, frustrated, and exhausted from trying to “play BIG” as i had heard SO many times in the year prior.

these negative feelings, especially anger, are good because they let you know that you have officially co-created some bullshit.  that’s right, i said co-created; because you always have a choice.  you could have chosen to listen to yourself, but you didn’t.  you listened to a guru and followed instructions without checking them in with yourself.

if you are doing things that don’t resonate from the depths of your soul to your highest aspirations, you are lying: lying to the world and lying to yourself.  lies help you play small.  one of my elementary school teachers used to say (almost as often as she said good morning) “you go to hell for lying”, doing her best to keep us young ones truthful.

and as “touched” as i thought she was, she was, indeed, right. your life is hell when you’re living a lie.  and the more earnest and sincere you are, the more it hurts when you find out it’s all been a farce.

so what can you do to make it right?  to get on the right track, it is critical to seek the answer within.

doing your purpose automatically makes your work a really big deal for you. consequently, shifting the focus of your efforts to your true purpose has a hugely beneficial implications for the people you will serve.  what is even more important than playing a BIG game is playing an honest game.

fortunately, my story has entered a much happier chapter. my commitment to both absolute honesty in my communication and no less than two full cheeks worth of effort have helped me create something that resonates clearly for me and with my clients.

i would love to hear your “big game” stories or any your challenges with putting yourself out there.

© Copyright 2010

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