come out, come out WHOever you are…

19 Mar

[read time: 3 minutes]

being “yourself” can sometimes be tricky when you feel like your SELF isn’t adequate, doesn’t have the authority, or hasn’t gotten things right in the past.  therefore, you might feel that SELF can’t possibly be trusted to run the show.

this is too bad because the SELF you’re usually working with is a lie.  now before you say, “hey!” and get offended, consider this: there is a “best face” people normally put forward so people will like them and call them good and acceptable.  it is probably a patch work of things that got good results (or saved your ass from probable death) in the past.

this is an amalgamated “self” that we can refer to as the socialized identity. it’s like trying to wear every piece of clothing, jewelry, or pair of shoes you’ve ever gotten a compliment on… all those sizes, out dated stuff, and those layers would make a strange outfit!  it would probably be ill-fitting and likely not actually represent who you are right now, today.

self-actualization makes it possible to retire the false layers of identity.   the process can be caustic, but the many fire trials purify and eventually, only the true self is left.   in some cases, it’s not personal evolution, but sheer exhaustion, that demands you drop that shit. 

the highest task for YOUR true self is to serve others with the special goodness that only YOU have to offer.  besides, we were wondering how you could be comfortable with that “interesting” assembly of tops.

OLLY OLLY OXEN FREE! come out, come out whoever you are.

please come out and join the party as your unencumbered and true self. do it not for me, but for those who need you, who will truly benefit from your courage and experience; and who will benefit from your unique gifts and special talents.  it is the quirky, self-expressive people, serving others through what they do best, who have the most fun.

more fun on purpose -or- more on fun and purpose

© Copyright 2010

One Response to “come out, come out WHOever you are…”

  1. anandaleeke March 30, 2010 at 12:38 pm #

    Me and my 8 archetypes loved your post. Keep shining.

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