how play points to purpose

9 Mar

bucky's playground. photo credit: flickr user "Duchamp"[read time: 4 minutes]

years ago when i was in school to become a health counselor, a guest lecturer, Michio Kuchi (macrobiotics expert) stumped the entire audience (500+ individuals) that day when he asked: what do you think you are doing here in this life?  what is the purpose of life?  patiently, he let us guess for a while.  he chuckled, and in his own time, he let us in on his answer: we are here to play.

though i accepted his answer as correct (i mean he is a pretty wise old dude, you know), it wasn’t until earlier this week, when the phrase resurfaced, that i realized i finally know what he meant.

the key to your life purpose is rooted in play
when you’re doing what you enjoy most, it’s like playtime.  my busiest weeks, the one’s full of clients, prospect consults and yoga classes are the most joyous! what i mean is that your unique gifts and special talents are things that you like, do, and share like no other person.  in fact, you are the only person who can deliver the special mix of elements and experiences you’ve got going on.  many folks don’t even realize that they have their life’s work because they think other people can do the same thing just as well or better.  nothing could be further from the truth.  sure there are other people doing what you do, but no one can represent what you’re able to share when you raise your vibration up to the level of true purpose.

your special quirky self
the most counter-intuitive part is that whatever it is, you really like to do it.  there’s probably some weird little way that your mind works that gets you all up in it and there are things you can’t explain about how you know the things you know.  big clue:  pay attention when people say things like, “oh my goodness, you are brilliant!  i never would have been able to do that without you / your help!” almost poetically, the thing(s) you love to do, someone else would find unbearable if they had to do it.  oh, and by the way… this means there are people that would pay you big money to do it.

the world is a better place because you are in it
when you prioritize sharing your gift with the world, the people around you learn, enjoy, and benefit from what you do.  this is magic and fortunately it is also fun and fulfilling.  the hard part is finding the courage to share it, or charge for it, or both.  the world needs you to do what is uniquely you; and the universe is waiting to provide resources in support of you and your success when you start sharing.  if you don’t share what you have inside, how many people will have missed out?

your challenge, should you choose to accept it
the trick and the blessing of being alive at this time is that we are at a crossroads: the old modes of doing things are breaking down and people are being called upon to be more clever than ever to maintain or improve their lifestyle.  there are those who cling stronger than ever to past methods and ideas, regardless of how things are crumbling.  in contrast, i believe the true Compassionate Renegades use nimble optimism and creative innovation to weave a passionate, playful life that is full of purpose and fulfillment.

can you come out and play?

© Copyright 2010

4 Responses to “how play points to purpose”

  1. Dragon Reds March 16, 2010 at 1:11 pm #

    yes I can come out and play!!! love this article..:)

  2. rebecca March 19, 2010 at 3:44 pm #

    love it!

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