beneficial decadence: gingerbread sundae @ mark’s kitchen

26 Feb

dang you, ginger for being so dang good and good for me!

when i saw on the menu at mark’s kitchen that they had a gingerbread sundae, i just had to go for it.  what’s in it: gingerbread, ginger ice cream, ginger topping, whipped cream.

i specifically made sure that my mung bean pancakes and grilled veggie skewers were light enough.  i needed room indulge during my late lunch meeting with my fab photographer Connie Martin Trevino.

as it turns out, this delight was totally worth it. not too sweet.  lots of ginger in all the right places.  and just the right amount of dessert so i didn’t feel like a pig.  best part: we finished up at 3 pm so i had plenty of time to burn it off.


…and if you find yourself in takoma park, md…
check out Mark’s Kitchen, one of my favorite places to meet.


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