Foodie Friday: Be a Chocolate Snob

5 Feb

Before you rush down the aisle and grab 2 or 3 bags of seasonally appropriate, foil-clad, fun-sized chocolates on the cheap, consider the source.  If you are getting that much product for next to nothing, then who IS paying?  Is it a quality product?  Are you really getting enough bang for your buck?

Choosing Clean Chocolate
Below are a few things to ponder when selecting the chocolaty goodness…

Fair Trade
Much of the chocolate we consume is starts out on small farms in developing nations in Central and South America, Africa, and Asia.  Fair trade agreements ensure fair prices for farmers, safe conditions and living wages for workers.  Fair trade initiatives often include community building, business and technical assistance, and infrastructure development for these farming communities.  Look for the TransFair logo on the chocolate you purchase.  TransFair is the only third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the U.S.

Get With Organic
Organic Farmers that produce their crops organically help protect biodiversity and sustain the delicate ecosystems in which they are grown.  Organic chocolate will not have genetically modified ingredients, pesticides, or toxins found in conventional products.

Dark Chocolate & Skip the Milk
Cheaper chocolates are “watered down” with other ingredients and you get less actual chocolate.  With less chocolate per bit, you get less of the powerful antioxidants and health-promoting properties of chocolate.  Plus combining milk (in the bar or in a glass with the bar) with chocolate negates many of the beneficial properties in that come with coveted substance.  Sorry milk chocolate lovers.  That bitter flavor of dark is telling you that there’s good stuff in what you’re eating.

Step Up Your Chocolate Game
Sophisticate your palate.   More potent dark chocolate satisfies quicker so you only need a small amount for chocolate satisfaction.  …and no, that diet cola doesn’t make up for the cheap waxy chocolate bar that has the nerve to say it’s “low fat”!  Give me a break.

A Conscious Choice for All
The cost of fair trade organic dark chocolate is offset by benefits for your loved ones, the international community, and the environment… all in one tasty bite.

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