top 10 better reasons to “watch your mouth!”

29 Dec

[read time: 4 minutes]

yes, i did say “watch your mouth”…
but for exactly the opposite reason that your grandmother, grama, big mama, or granny told you.
she might also add: “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  with all due respect, playing “nice” is exactly the reason why a lot of us have ended up co-creating a whole heap of hot garbage in our reality.  and quite frankly, isn’t it about time you create a life with deeper meaning that you’d rather to brag on than complain about?

truth can set you free… and can be a bit caustic at times or downright funky (not in a good way) at others but like a fart… it’s better out than in.  telling little lies to be nice is ok when it doesn’t matter much… wait, it always matters *a lot*.  far too often little lies or negative self talk are running your life, things get serious.

consider what you want. what kind of life you would prefer.  not just wishful thinking… i mean really consider.  if language creates thought forms in the material world what would you talk about?  what if there was something you could say that would transform you and improve the quality of your life?  would you say it?  would you say it if it wasn’t exactly nice?  would you say it if it was scary to say?

yoda gets deep with young skywalker... take notes

here are 10 reasons to take your next utterance a little more seriously…

  1. words are powerful. your language creates your life.  what you talk about most is what you’ll see most in your life.  so… what are you saying?
  2. garbage in, garbage out; good stuff in, good stuff out.  the more you accept hot messes into your life, the more hot messes are on your mind, and you’re more likely to be talking about it.
  3. the word “try” indicates a lie you tell to help you look good while you avoid saying “no”. be bold. decide and let your words reflect your heart.  then take appropriate (even if it is imperfect) action.
  4. “don’t” and “never” act as lassos pulling in whatever is behind them right into your reality.
  5. be positive when it counts most.  even when discussing challenges, ALWAYS mention what you would like to see happening.
  6. people need to hear the truth so they (and you) can grow.  there is always an opportunity in truth
  7. suppressing truth hurts you more than the pain you’re trying to save the listener. if it isn’t pleasant, but it is the truth, find a way to express it responsibly.
  8. “whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you’re usually right.” ~henry ford… (one of my favorite quotes) and your language is a reflection of what you think about what is possible.
  9. you telling the truth is you being a better you. when you edit, justify, and lie, it is harder for you to be true to self.  being honest also gets rid of people you don’t like and attracts people you’d prefer to be around any damn way.
  10. integrity feels better in the long run. the more you do you and speak your truth the more the universe will show up to support you over time and through circumstances.

so go ahead.  you can do it.  say what you need to say.  do so with love. you might as well save some energy and say no up front.  and if you do decide to make it happen… let me remind you that  it was yoda who said, “NO! Try not! do… or do not.  there is no try.” the green dude was right.  go on now… get to work.


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