got challenges? you need to kick it!

17 Nov

[read time: 3 minutes]

enjoyment is a necessary part of life, NOT a guilty pleasure. the puritanical roots of our society have duped us into believing that it is only through hard work and struggle that anything worthwhile can be accomplished.   i would say “hogwash”, but there is a time when you will have some necessary effort.

please note: enjoyment is what gives you the oomph to carry on… to persist through challenges… trials and tribulations… amen.  life would be pretty wack if it were all work and no play, no dancing, no leisurely bike rides, no lavender blueberry dark chocolate bars, no good lovin’.

yeah, i said good lovin’ because, yes, orgasm does enhance spirituality and takes the edge off of life on the physical plane… unless you’re set on transcending it sometime soon through monastic lifestyle or deep devotional practice.  for the rest of us, a good hot, healthy, sweaty session works wonders.  and under the right circumstances, the divine act makes cute and happy kids like the one’s partying in the picture here.  [hmmm… digression eminent.  must get back on track.]

i know that you know exactly what it takes to create enjoyment in your life. i can just hear the i-don’t-know’s and i’m-not-sure’s just rearing their disempowering heads right now. you DO know… just check in with yourself and listen to your heart.

and don’t think so damn much… keep it simple! you could definitely come up with at least a few things to create enjoyment in the next few minutes if you took some time to ask yourself and listen.  these ideas come from your inner wisdom and would likely produce not only simple enjoyment, but deep satisfaction and joy.

unfortunately, far too often, we don’t listen to ourselves. we do what we “ought” to.  we are very obedient.  and all that obedience makes for very dull people. we justify the lackluster existence by demonstrating how well liked we are by other lackluster people who also don’t have anything going on: look at how my lackluster matches Pete & Jen’s lackluster.  or, look how my blinged-out my lackluster life with things that someone told me would show well.  ooohwee!  now THAT is hogwash!

look at how bright and shiny babies and children are are. what’s the difference between you and them?  well… perhaps a few years of crap you think you need to hold onto, but essentially nothing.   there is nothing lackluster or dull about you unless you have chosen to dull yourself down!
mindless obedience dulls people down.
memorization and scripted school lessons dull people down.
holding on to emotional baggage dulls people down.
standing in single file lines dulls people down.
self imposed obligation dulls people down.
predictable living dulls people down.
unfulfilling jobs dull people down.
un-fresh food dulls people down.

it is no wonder that observing the lifeless commuters on the metro is like a study in variations on drab. it actually hurts my heart to witness people living less-than-brilliant lives when i know so much more is possible for you.

what is it that makes you feel most inspired, vibrant, and alive?

build it into your life as a Compassionate Renegade.  to find out how, click here.

© Copyright 2009


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