foodie friday: adults too “smart” for their own damn good

13 Nov

small delux organic box - photo credit: WordRidden

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during the past week, i spent several rewarding hours teaching kids about real food in baltimore-area community centers.  the many hours i spent commuting were rewarded by the joy of hearing their fresh and candid takes on what i have to share.  and the heartwarming highlight: watching the young ones make up hilarious dances for oranges, cabbage, bananas, and sweet potatoes.

young people are smarter than adults think
when i talked about foods the kids got it.  they always get it.  because they still use their inner wisdom and have not fully accepted the conditioning of the outside world.

even kids know don’t need to read everything on nutrition to know what to eat. a lot of the nutritionists who write that stuff are either overweight, have an eating disorder, are addicted to diet cola, or some combination. trust me, i have worked with and went to school with these folks for years!

eating well is intuitive: real food, natural food that grows out of the ground, on a tree, bush, or plant is good for your body.  things found in bags, boxes, or bottles are probably not so good for you.  accessing beneficial foods might not be convenient, but think about it:  how often are worthy aspirations found at arms length,  in the drive-thru, or at the corner store?

when conventional food producers take that good stuff and f*ck around with it, your health pays for that shit. it does.  and there are more than a few 9 year olds with heart disease and diabetes that can attest to that.  when i explained to the kids i talked to that food processing takes all the good stuff out and puts some bad stuff in, so many of them got so furious or felt cheated.

and while listening to the SAME presentations, the adults kept asking… well what about this? what about that?  well… aren’t sports drinks and colored water with vitamins better than water?  hell to the naw!  first two ingredients… water, sugar.  this is a problem.

don’t let those monsanto bitches tell you anything different.  after all, monsanto is a damn chemical company that figured out how to get in the pocket of the regulators and enact global domination through control of the food supply.  sound far fetched?  i promise you that unless you eat all organic food all the time, you’ve eaten something that contains genetically modified corn or soybeans.

5 reminders to help you transcend agribusiness group-think & be smarter about your food:

  1. justification of shitty food undermines inner wisdom. stop thinking so damn much, feel out your food, trust that your body knows what’s best for it.   before you take a bite, ask: will my body be nourished by and appreciate what i’m about to eat?  how will i feel after eating this?
  2. if it goes bad, it is probably good for you.  if it doesn’t go bad, it is probably bad for you. fresh food has all the good stuff that mold, bacteria, and bugs want to eat.  this is a good thing.  the question to ask is if it doesn’t spoil, why would i want to eat it?  (please note: the single shining exception to this rule is honey, which naturally anti-viral and anti-microbial)
  3. eat for the genuine pleasure of nourishing your body. take the reigns away your taste buds deadened and led astray by your crappy mood.  instead, fix your mood with a non-food emotionally nourishing activity.  then choose something to eat that is made from vegetables… bonus points for greens.  make it organic.
  4. vote organic with your dollars. if you have the means to buy organic, local, seasonal foods, do so.  conventional food seems cheaper because of heavy subsidies on certain commodities and because profit over the public good.  conventional / factory farming taxes natural resources and our health.  the more dollars we put into sustainable organic agriculture, the more likely we are to have abundant food in the future.
  5. let your kids pick a new vegetable and let them help cook it. this will serve a far greater benefit than quelling a temper tantrum by handing them a sweet or a sweetened cereal.

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One Response to “foodie friday: adults too “smart” for their own damn good”

  1. soulfulindustry November 15, 2009 at 4:58 am #

    hell yeah!!! fresh kurly kale for all the people..

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