Steps to heal money troubles

3 Nov

"tell me who's watching?"[read time: 5 minutes]

this morning, i was fondly reminiscing about halloween night in Adams Morgan.  [cue cheesy soap opera flashback visual effects and music]

i was perched in the front window at Amsterdam Falafel, which is, quite possibly, the best place for people watching [Tryst: a close second] on the entire 18th St. NW strip. while enjoying a scrumptious bite of my falafel, a woman passes by in costume as the money you could be saving with Geico.

my LOL snapped me out of my daydream and back into the reality that i have got to finish this dang post on money that’s been hanging out in my drafts… looking at me, tapping it’s foot.  hmmmm… yeah, kinda like that stack of bills from the commercial!

one of the biggest challenges facing people in search of fiscal abundance is not actually the making of the money, but rather the battle in their heads about money.  it is NOT possible to prosper while simultaneously holding the belief that you can’t make money doing what you love AND the desire to make money doing what you love.  this can be even more intense for those who have chosen full time self-employment.  this internal warfare is tiring at best and at it’s worst is wearing roller skates on a slippery slope to your ultimate financial destruction.

1. recognize beliefs incongruous with prosperity
conflicting thoughts about money foster civil unrest amongst the voices in your head and this is not sustainable.  far too often, we [myself included] make some proclamation… then life happens and we forget about the content therein and revert to a previous behavior/belief pattern.   you need a coup d’état, a revolution… AND a resolution to establish a new, sustainable way of thinking and being.

2. watch your mouth around your money
what is your language like with fiscal matters?  have you ever uttered “i can’t afford that” or “my money is funny right now” or “i’m broke”?  your language creates your life.  please know this: these statements are just fine if you WANT to spend the next few days, months, or years entrenched in a dismal financial experience.  let me make this even plainer:  keep talking about debt, you’ll keep experiencing debt.  keep talking about being broke, you are gonna be a broke-ass individual.  if you are, however, interested in financial freedom it is critical that you align your language with financial freedom.

3. charge a respectable fee for your services
when i say respectable, i mean it.  the monetary value you accept for your time, effort, and talent is directly tied to your self worth.  how much do you value, honor, and respect yourself and your time?  choose to honor yourself as you consider your rates.  and practice stating what you charge.  while  you’re at it, practice stating triple what you charge and observe the feelings that come up.

4. treat your money better
Janet Jackson inquires: what have you done for me lately? if you spend time and effort to earn income, but ignore fiscal affairs, reality may offer a harsh reminder of the neglect via overdraft fees and persistent debt.  does your money need some flowers and soft music?

if romancing your money sounds silly, consider the results of such actions if applied to an interpersonal relationship: you might spend lots time with others discussing how to improve your relationship with a certain someone, and only spend little time with the person in the relationship [especially because you’re so worried about the relationship] until the person complains about not spending time together.   i am reminded of Michael Beckwith saying energy flows where attention goes. what kind of difference would more attention to monetary awareness make in your life?

a note on the metaphysics of money
yes, money is “a representation of exchanged energies.”  being cognizant of this energy relationship is important.   let us also acknowledge expanded access to certain types of choices that monetary wiggle room provides.  the choice to believe otherwise is to deny the reality that we live in a society that, for the most part, requires the use of legal tender to conduct the affairs of basic life maintenance.

let’s get metaphysical: i’d like to highlight an impactful relationship: that of physical tender to your physical body and it’s perceived reality.  when the senses of the body perceive the sight, smell, sound, and texture of a $20 bill, there is a ripple effect in your perception of reality.  the effects of that perception depend upon whether it is the last twenty you have or if it is one among many twenties.

into what kind of reality are your beliefs, language, and behaviors around money unfolding?

© Copyright 2009


3 Responses to “Steps to heal money troubles”

  1. Simone November 3, 2009 at 11:58 pm #


  2. Cameron February 24, 2010 at 6:04 pm #

    Tazima-I love this article, thanks so much for the reminder and your wisdom!!

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